Walking Spirits (2008, DeepInDub, Italy)
Immersion In Dub (2008, Evasion Room Digital, Italy)
Shapes And Textures (2010, ZeECc, France)
Crackles (2010, ZeECc, France)
Pneuma (2010, ZeECc, France)
Crackles (2010, ZeECc, France)
Far From Here (2010, Editora Do Porto, Portugal)
Selected Remixes 2 (2011, Ornaments, Germany)
Everyday Temple (2011, ZeECc, France)
Compiled: One (2011, ZeECc, France)
Dub Asana (2011, 19th Studio Records, United Kingdom)
Deep Episodes (2011, Kosmo Netlabel, France)
Licorne Sans Corne (2011, Kosmo Netlabel, France)
Mecanographie Remixes (2011, Schall Netlabel, Germany) (2011, ZeECc, France)
Reload (2012, Eclipsemusic, Italy)
Expanse Remixes (2012, Entropy Records, France)
Ten Tons Heavier (2014, Cold Tear Records, Lithuania)
That Music You Like Is Going To Come Back Into Style (2014, Pdxindub, Denmark)
Verdant Compost (2017, Milieu Music, USA)
My Sea (2017, Fern Leaf, Russia)
Alkemiisto III (2018, Milieu Music, USA)
Irit (2018, Space Of Variants, Russia)
Story #4 (2018, Hello Strange, Russia)
Ñawpa (2020, Temiong Recordings, Argentinia)
Central Key [Nexus] (2021, Strange Key, Russia)
Æon Versions (2022, Rootplex, Denmark)